The core of the John Rex School curriculum is the Oklahoma Academic Standards taught in a rigorous and relevant manner. Project-based learning strategies are used to engage students in authentic problem-solving and critical thinking tasks.

Ultimately, the school plans to develop a program of inquiry composed of a series of thoughtfully aligned transdisciplinary units focused on: foundational knowledge using relevant themes, key concepts, essential skills, opportunities for meaningful action, and presentations of learning.



Our program of inquiry focuses on STE[a]M education—science, technology, engineering and math, plus the arts. We have a unique partnership with Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a nationally recognized provider of STEM curricula, making John Rex School one of the first schools in Oklahoma to implement this program at the elementary level.

Additional partnerships with downtown organizations have been developed to integrate a variety of arts and other relevant venues into the curriculum.


A differentiated Personalized Learning Profile (PLP) will be created for each student so that academic weaknesses will be targeted for remediation and academic strengths will be extended through extension and application opportunities.

Specific learning interests and styles will be identified and used as part of each child’s PLP. Differentiated instructional strategies will be utilized to address students’ individual needs.


We believe that learning is the constant. Time and support are the variables. We control enough of the variables to ensure that all students experience success. All students are provided additional time and extra support during the school day so they can attain mastery of essential skills. JRCES offers extended learning opportunities sponsored by the YMCA during intersessions scheduled during calendar breaks. Free remediation will be assigned to qualified children. Additionally, enrichment sessions focused on specific talents or interests are offered to children to enrich their learning and experiences.



The substantial amenities in downtown OKC offer the ability to create programs designed to present programming through authentic, extended learning opportunities unique to our downtown location.

We are proud to partner with the Arts Council of Oklahoma City, Myriad Botanical Gardens, the Downtown Metropolitan Library, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and Oklahoma City Riversport and OKC Boathouse Foundation and Historic Film Row District. These downtown organizations will be the context for limitless urban learning opportunities.



John Rex School incorporates technology devices from Apple as learning tools to improve learning and increase instructional time. Project-based learning methodologies will be developed to engage students in real-world problems that require critical thinking skills.
These approaches will serve as a meeting point for innovation in teaching and learning — bringing in aspects of experiential learning, multimedia technology, social action, and a willingness to go beyond the walls of the classroom for educational opportunities.


A tuition-based child care program is offered in order to accommodate working parents who need assistance with childcare before and after school hours. High quality, on-site learning activities are provided before and after school by JRCES staff members.



Early Dismissal Day: Wednesdays are designated as “Early Dismissal Day” for students to allow for teacher planning and collaboration. On this day, students are dismissed at 2 p.m. For the balance of the students’ instructional school day, parents may enroll their child in extended enrichment learning opportunities sponsored by the YMCA or they may take them home at that time.



Bridges in Mathematics is a comprehensive K-5 curriculum that is rigorous, coherent, engaging, and accessible to all learners. Bridges focuses on developing deep understandings of math concepts, proficiency with key skills, and problem solving.

Bridges blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration. It taps into the intelligence and strengths of all students by presenting material that is linguistically, visually, and kinesthetically rich as it is mathematically powerful.


Balanced literacy instruction respects and addresses the needs of all learners, view teachers as informed decision-makers, is flexible, and is research-based. This approach provides students with daily opportunities to engage in various reading and writing activities to help them communicate more effectively.

In this framework, students participate in: read aloud; modeled & interactive writing; shared reading/writing; guided reading/writing; independent reading/writing; and word study. During balanced literacy instruction, there is a gradual release of responsibility over time as the student becomes more independent.


All children have gifts and talents! John Rex will develop a Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) that will offer short-term interest-based sessions focused on students’ specific interests. This will be offered to all children to enrich their learning and experiences.We are excited to have Renzulli Learning available to students in first grade and up. Renzulli Learning is a project-based differentiation engine that applies, deepens, and extends learning that utilizes students’ interests, learning styles, and expression styles.