What is the school’s mission?

Our mission is to offer quality educational opportunities to children in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City through an innovative public-private partnership.

What is the school’s vision?

Our vision is to be nationally recognized as the premier PK-6 learning center that equips students to excel at their life’s passions.

What is the school’s educational philosophy?

Relationships: The new John W. Rex Charter Elementary School will build positive relationships by…

  • Bringing the City into the school to catalyze the downtown community
  • Guiding positive and nurturing learning relationships between students, teachers, city leaders, and parents
  • Creating ‘learning launcher’ spaces that accommodate all students in a grade level or team

Relevance: Students will be able to address authentic learning situations using problem-solving and critical thinking skills in unpredictable real-world situations. JRCES will create relevant learning experiences by…

  • Utilizing the entire downtown landscape as the learning environment
  • Capturing the city’s downtown art, cultural, civic, governmental, medical, and business resources
  • Creating project-based units of inquiry that will also engage the community as “adjunct faculty”
  • Incorporating 21st century technology skills utilizing 1-to-1 devices
  • Scheduling weekly job-embedded time for teachers to work and plan collaboratively
  • Offering a safe-haven that will support metacognition, processing, and reflection of new learning
  • Connecting students by encouraging them to share their learning stories with others

Rigor: JRCES will engage all learners in the new Oklahoma Academic Standards to preparing to be college and/or career ready by…

  • Understanding that learning is non-linear and must allow for flex and flow between various learning modalities, developmental milestones, and the time/support needed to develop mastery of learning
  • Personalizing learning and demonstrating that schooling is not merely a “widget factory” in which one size fits all
  • Building a solid foundation in enduring learning concepts so that all students will be grounded in the essential skills needed to compete successfully in a global economy


We will provide a relevant, engaging and challenging curriculum emphasizing discovery and inquiry through real-world application.


We will offer expanded opportunities for children to enhance their individual creative talents by collaborating with strategic partnerships in the Oklahoma City business and cultural community.


We will foster a caring and respectful community of diverse learners by encouraging enduring character and citizenship traits.


We will provide a strong foundation of knowledge thoughtfully personalized so that children achieve their fullest potential.


We will purposefully create a culture of excellence and high expectations focused on being a model of quality education.


We will embrace the innovative use of digital learning and technology to develop inquisitive and engaged students proficient in 21st century learner skills.


We will celebrate the success of each student as they demonstrate personal success in the areas of citizenship, leadership, and scholarship to be competitive in our global society.