Enrollment & Application for 2018-19

What is the difference in enrollment & application?

  • Enrollment is for students who currently live in our attendance zone.  They may apply at any time.  
  • Application is for all other students (PK – 6th grade).  See information below.

Who is eligible to enroll?  Tier 1 Students or Current Students’ Siblings only

TIER ONE:  Residents of the attendance zone may enroll at any time and are not subject to the lottery.

Please complete the form: (tier 1 only)

Prekindergarten is non-compulsory, not a mandated grade level to offer in public schools. The number if students in Prekindergarten is capped by state law; therefore, once each class is at capacity, we cannot offer additional seats. Tier 1 residents may not be offered a seat once we reach maximum capacity.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students whose priority falls in tiers 2, 3, or 4 must apply online during the application window each year.  For information on the tiered priority system, click here.  

  • 18-19 APPLICATION window: February 5th – February 12th @ 4pm.
    • WINDOW IS NOW CLOSED.  We have held our lottery, however, applications are still accepted.  Any application received from this point on will be added to the bottom of the waitlist at each grade.
  • Applications are for PreK, K, & 1st – 6th grade.
  • NEED Assistance email: appquestions@johnrexschool.org
     School personnel and computer access will be available onsite from 10am to 2pm, February 5th through the 12th.
  • Documentation for submission:
    The only required documentation to be uploaded into the online application is a employee verification letter for any student whose parent works in our attendance zone.  The letter should be from the supervisor and include: business name and address, guardian’s name, student’s name and, current employment status and signed by the supervisor/HR. Tier 3 is required to upload verification of employment to complete eligibility for Tier 3. Within Tier 2, additional priority will be given to applications for admission from students whose parent, guardian or other person with legal custody is employed within the attendance boundaries.

Application processing and lottery results:

Week of February 19:  Results of lottery communicated to families. New waiting lists are created based on seats not offered. Lists are grade and tier specific.

Enrollment for NEW students who are offered seats via the lottery:

Week of February 26:  All parents of new students offered a seat in our elementary or middle school for the 2018-2019 school year will be notified and must finalize all paperwork and sign required documents.  Parents will receive an email with open time slots to schedule a time for enrollment.  Enrollment time frame ends March 9th.