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Basic Uniform Dress Code

All students at John Rex Charter School are expected to comply with the basic school dress code. Students found in violation of the uniform policy will be sent to the office to call a parent or guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school. Students not in compliance with the uniform policy are subject to the JRCS Code of Conduct guidelines. Repeated violations of the dress code are subject to further disciplinary action.

Uniforms are to be those that would normally be purchased in school uniform departments in typical stores such as Walmart, Old Navy, Academy, etc. Garments should be clean and appropriately sized while not having cuts, tears, or rips. Dress or grooming which is in any way disruptive to the operation of the school will not be permitted.

Basic Shirts (Click to Expand)

  • Polo-style shirts: School uniform quality short or long sleeve- solid white, solid light blue, or solid navy polo-style pique or interlock shirts.
  • Oxford shirts: School uniform quality dress shirts short or long sleeve, solid white or oxford blue with collar.
  • Shirts may not have visible insignias, logos, labels, words, or pictures except for the approved school logo.
  • School t-shirts bearing the school’s trademarked logo may only be worn on Wednesdays along with their other regular uniform.

Basic Pants, Shorts, Skirts & Skorts (Click to Expand)

  • Pants/shorts: School uniform quality khaki or navy twill (chino) fabric (appropriate length).
  • Skirts/skorts: School uniform quality khaki or navy twill (chino) fabric (appropriate length).
  • These items must be school uniform style/quality that are typically found in school uniform departments or catalogues. Cargo or jogger style are not permitted.

Basic Dresses/Jumpers (Click to Expand)

  • Dresses/jumpers: School uniform quality khaki or navy twill (chino) fabric (appropriate length).
  • Polo-style dresses: School uniform quality pique navy, light blue, or white (appropriate length).
  • These items must be school uniform style/quality that are typically found in school uniform departments or catalogues.

Jackets, Coats, Sweaters (Click to Expand)

  • Sweaters/Fleece Tops: Solid navy or white long sleeve
    v-neck sweaters, v-neck sweater vests, cardigan sweaters or fleece jackets without hoods may be worn indoors with a school uniform. Outerwear must be removed and hung up in cubbies once students are in the classroom area.

Accessories (Click to Expand)

  • Socks: Solid white, black, navy, or brown only.
  • Belts: Solid dark color (brown/black).
  • Layered clothing must also meet school dress code.
  • Leggings/tights/stretch shorts may be worn as layered garments only and must be solid white, black, or navy.
  • Ties: School uniform solid navy blue or Land’s End “Clear Blue Plaid” (this is the only approved plaid).

Footwear (Click to Expand)

  • Students must wear shoes at all times while on school property and should be appropriate for any playground and/or gym activity. Students may not wear flip-flops, sandals, beach, pool wear shoes, or house shoes.

Other Options & “Clear Blue Plaid” Clothing

Parents may also select additional (optional) pre-approved school uniform clothing from the Lands End school uniform website. The Lands End JRCS School ID Number: 900161225

  • Plaid clothing items and accessories: “Clear Blue Plaid” is the only approved plaid material permitted for all optional clothing items. (See Lands’ End website).

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