School Supply Lists for 2017-18

School Supply Lists For 2017-18

Please click below for a complete school supply lists for the 2017-18 school year. School supply lists All supplies should be brought on Meet Your Teacher/Information Day in a disposable paper/plastic bag with your child’s name on it. Only backpacks (no wheels), lunchboxes, and Pre-K nap mat require a child’s name label. MULTI-USE ITEMS: This year we have included “multi-use” items for each grade level to bring (listed in blue). These items will be distributed to our specials teachers, offices, and health clinic. OPTIONAL ITEMS: We also have included “optional” items on our lists (listed in orange). These are things that would be welcomed in the classroom, if you would like to purchase them. Families in need of financial assistance with purchasing school supplies may visit with Mrs. Fulmer, Dean of Students. NEW: Grades 2nd - 5th will be required to have a JRCES Agenda/Planners that will be for sale at school on August 3.

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How will parents know if school is canceled due to severe weather?

How Will Parents Know If School Is Canceled Due To Severe Weather?

Important to remember... JRCES is not governed nor operated by OKCPS; therefore, school closings related to our school will be specific to only John Rex Charter School. Should it be necessary to cancel school, JRCES will notify the major news stations about any school cancellations as quickly as a decision is made. Every effort will be made to make the decision as early as possible so that families may plan accordingly. Notifications will also be pushed out through our free school app and to our social media outlets. Our JRCES free mobile app, MySchoolWay, is available and quite helpful to get up-to-date information! Our app will allow you to receive emergency notifications, such as school cancellations, on your mobile devices. Also, look for information on our website. What about extremely cold temps- does JRCES close like OKCPS? No. Since JRCES does not provide bus transportation services and our children do not wait outdoors at bus stops, JRCES will not follow the OKCPS policy for extremely cold weather. JRCES may remain open while other surrounding schools may be closed. Again, please watch the major news stations and monitor our social media outlets day-by-day for official notification about potential school closings at John Rex Charter School!

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