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Looking to enroll your child in a John Rex Charter School? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below for insight on the admissions process, rules for enrollment and other important information.

Who may attend John Rex Charter School?

Enrollment preference will be given first to students who live within the attendance zone. Students who live outside of the designated attendance zone need to apply using Tier 2.

Priority Levels

  1. Any child residing within the John Rex attendance boundaries. Residency verification is required.
  2. A child who resides outside the John Rex attendance boundaries but within the district boundaries of OKCPS. Residency verification is required.

After Tier 1, priority will be given to current student’s siblings entering at pre-k, and children of faculty.

As of January, 21, 2020, current students in good standing, regardless of admission date, grade, tier, or moving, will be grandfathered in.

If, at any time, the number of eligible students applying for admission exceeds the capacity of the school/grade level, the Head of School will conduct a lottery, which shall be held within the priority level and/or grade level that is oversubscribed, to select the student(s) that may be admitted to John Rex. Enrollment and admission decisions will be based on school capacity limitations, class/grade capacity limitations, program availability, and/or educational needs of the student. Click here to view the John Rex non-discrimination policy.

*NOTE: Students that wish to retain their seat, must complete an “Intent to Re-Enroll” form each spring, remain in good standing, and provide appropriate documentation to re-verify residency. All students, regardless of admission year or admission tier, will be required to semi-annually reverify residency, submit requested documentation, complete all required re-enrollment forms and remain in good standing. Each family must provide one of the following documents:

  • Proof of residency in John Rex attendance zone
  • Proof of residency in OKCPS school district

If a student is not able to provide these documents and they wish to continue to attend JRCS, they will be required to re-enter the lottery for their grade level.

Click here to view the attendance zone map.

Where is the school located?

Grades PK-4 are located in our main building located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City at 500 W. Sheridan. 5th-8th grades are housed in the McAlpine Center at 428 W California Ave.

If one child in a family gets accepted, will a sibling be accepted also?

Legal siblings of currently enrolled students will receive priority when they enter JRCS as pre-K students. Sibling means a biologically or legally related brother or sister of a child. This does not include children who live together but aren’t legally siblings. While we would love for families to stay together throughout their school journey, this is not always possible due to limited classroom space.

What grades does the school offer?

Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades are offered at the elementary school. 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th are offered off-site at the McAlpine Center (428 W California Ave).

Will transportation be provided?

No. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school. The school does not provide transportation. JRCS will work with local community and nonprofit agencies to help arrange transportation, if necessary.

Is the John Rex attendance zone part of the OKCPS attendance feeder pattern of neighborhood schools?

JRCS is an overlay to the current OKCPS feeder patterns. Residents in the JRCS attendance zone have priority and JRCS is considered their “first school of choice.” Per an agreement with OKCPS, families may opt out of attending JRCS and enroll at their neighborhood school.

If a family lives inside the John Rex attendance zone and wants to enroll at JRCS, what do they do?

First, visit the how to apply page for more information and enrollment forms. Next, bring all necessary residency verification documents and enrollment paperwork to the appropriate school office.

What happens to students that reside within the John Rex attendance zone and are in a grade that is not yet offered?

These students will attend their assigned neighborhood school based upon their residence, unless they choose another schooling option.

Once accepted, what kind of transfer paperwork is necessary for a child that resides within the OKCPS school district (Tier 2)?

For those who reside within the OKCPS school district, a transfer request is not required. After being offered a seat at JRCS, parents must visit the appropriate JRCS school office to complete all the necessary enrollment paperwork.

Does John Rex School offer special education programs and services?

Yes. John Rex provides a variety of educational programs, which also include special education services. Like most public schools, JRCS cannot offer every special education program/service at one school site. Therefore, if the IEP team determines that the child should be placed in a specialized program that is not offered at JRCS, we will work closely with OKCPS to place the student in an OKCPS school that offers the appropriate programs and services.

What happens if a special needs child with an existing IEP applies to John Rex?

Any child may apply for admission, including any child with an IEP. At enrollment, the IEP will be reviewed for service availability.

Do the enrollment criteria apply to middle school students?

Yes! The admissions process is the same for all grades.

Which tiers go through the lottery?

Tier 1 is not subject to the lottery. When the number of eligible students applying for admission exceeds the capacity of the school/grade level, the Head of School will conduct a lottery, which shall be held within the priority level (Tier 2) and/or grade level that is oversubscribed, to select the student(s) that may be admitted to John Rex.

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