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Enrollment vs. Application

Enrollment is for students who currently live in our attendance zone. They may enroll at any time.

Application is for all students (Pre-K – 8th grade) living outside the attendance zone.

Check out this helpful tool for families to locate and verify neighborhood school zones.

The enrollment priority tier levels are as follows:

  1. Any child residing within the John Rex attendance boundaries. Residency verification is required.
  2. A child who resides outside the John Rex attendance boundaries but within the district boundaries of OKCPS. Residency verification is required.

After Tier 1, priority will be given to current student’s siblings entering at pre-k, and children of faculty.

As of January, 21, 2020, current students in good standing, regardless of admission date, grade, tier, or moving, will be grandfathered in.

If, at any time, the number of eligible students applying for admission exceeds the capacity of the school/grade level, the Head of School will conduct a lottery, which shall be held within the priority level and/or grade level that is oversubscribed, to select the student(s) that may be admitted to John Rex. Enrollment and admission decisions will be based on school capacity limitations, class/grade capacity limitations, program availability, and/or educational needs of the student. Click here to view the John Rex non-discrimination policy.


Pre-Enrollment for New Attendance Zone Residents
Begins January 6 

Residents in our Tier 1 Attendance Zone who currently do not attend John Rex may pre-enroll students and are not subject to the lottery.

If enrolling for pre-k*, the enrollment window closes January 31. If you’re offered a seat, we’ll follow up with forms and paperwork. Complete all paperwork between March 2-6.


Only tier 1 students are eligible to enroll.
Residents of the tier one attendance zone may enroll at any time and are not subject to the lottery.

If enrolling for pre-k*, the enrollment window closes January 31. If you’re offered a seat, we’ll follow up with forms and paperwork. Complete all paperwork between March 2 – 6.

Currently Enrolled Returning Students
Due by January 31 

Currently enrolled students received a letter and intent to re-enroll form on January 23, 2020. The completed form must be returned to the office on or before January 31 at 4 p.m. or the seat will be forfeited. You must complete the form for every child currently attending JRCS.

In addition to the form and remaining in good standing, you must verify your residency in our attendance zone by January 31. Each family must provide one of the following: current utility bill (not cell or cable), current mortgage statement, or current lease agreement. If a parent is not able to provide these documents and wishes to continue to send their child to JRCS, they will be required to re-enter the lottery.

Confirmation letters will be sent home in your child’s Thursday folder on February 6.

Pre-K Sibling Enrollment Information
Due by January 31

Pre-K siblings of current students who live within our attendance zone may enroll NOW. The enrollment window for Tier 1 Pre-K students closes on January 31.

After January 31, only legal Pre-k siblings of children currently enrolled at JRCS and who live in the OKCPS district (Tier 2) will have enrollment priority over new Tier 2 lottery students. If needed, a lottery will be conducted February 4.

If seats are available after January 31,  Tier 1 enrollment window for Pre-K, you may enroll Pre-K siblings by completing a separate enrollment form and submitting the required paperwork for each Pre-K sibling during the weeks of March 2 – March 6. If there are limited seats available after January 31, Pre-K siblings will be placed in a separate lottery for any remaining seats.

Confirmation letters will be sent on Feb. 6 in your child’s Thursday folder. If offered a seat, Pre-K enrollment week is March 2 – 6. Parents who do not completely enroll Pre-K students by March 6 automatically forfeits their spot.

Enrollment for New Student Offered a Seat through Lottery
Due by May 15

Parents of new students that were offered a seat through the lottery will receive an email with a link to sign up for an appointment to enroll on May 11, 2020. Offered seats are forfeited if enrollment is not completed by May 15, 2020 at 5 p.m. A checklist of required items to bring is at the top of the enrollment form.

*Pre-K is not a mandated grade level to offer in public schools. The number of students in Pre-K is capped by state law; therefore, once each class is at capacity, we cannot offer additional seats. Tier 1 residents may not be offered a seat once we reach maximum capacity.


John Rex School’s application window will open January 30.

New Student Applications
January 30 – February 14
The online application period opens for any new student in any grade on January 30. Applications must be made online at The application window closes at 5:00PM on February 14. The lottery will be conducted in an online/open meeting on February 24 and results will be communicated via email.

For assistance, please email or call 405-587-8100.

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