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John Rex School offers an innovative curriculum that integrates project-based learning with balanced literacy (the workshop approach to reading and writing). The focus of our curriculum is two-fold. The first component is the foundational academic knowledge emphasizing authentic, relevant educational experiences. This approach integrates learning from textbooks, problem-solving opportunities, and hands-on experiences. The second, yet equally important, component is social-emotional learning. This approach is guided by strategies integrated from Responsive Classroom, Great Expectations, and Conscious Discipline.


John Rex School uses a Balanced Literacy framework that follows the model articulated by Fountas and Pinnell in their books (Guiding Readers and Writers, Word Matters, Guided Reading and Interactive Writers) and Lucy Calkins and the work of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Students have a daily Literacy Block so that they can develop the core competencies of reading and writing. The Literacy Block consists of Interactive Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Word Study, and Writing Workshop.


John Rex School uses Bridges Math, a comprehensive elementary curriculum that equips teachers to fully implement math skills and standards in a manner that is rigorous, coherent, engaging, and accessible to all learners. Bridges Math focuses on developing a deep understanding of math concepts, proficiency with key skills, and the ability to solve new and complex problems. Learning activities tap into the intelligence and strengths all students have by presenting mathematically powerful material alive with language, pictures, and movement. They are encouraged to find multiple ways to solve problems and show different ways of thinking. This is a vital step to help students build more flexible and efficient ways to solve increasingly complex problems.


Differentiated yet personalized instruction is a core value at John Rex. If a student exhibits an academic weakness, instruction is targeted for intervention. Academic strengths are extended by offering personalized application through extension projects and activities. Assessments and grading practices focus on mastery of the skills and standards. Progress reports and report cards track developmental milestones, current achievement, and mastery of standards.


The substantial amenities in downtown Oklahoma City afford us the ability to create programming through authentic extended learning opportunities unique to our downtown location.

We are proud to partner with the Arts Council of Oklahoma City, Myriad Botanical Gardens, the Downtown Metropolitan Library, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the Oklahoma City Riversport & OKC Boathouse Foundation and Historic Film Row District. These and other downtown organizations create the context for limitless urban learning opportunities.


Students at John Rex are encouraged to explore and enjoy a variety of co-curricular subjects. Students are provided Spanish, music, visual art, physical/health and Makerspace instruction throughout the entire school year. We are able to provide these specialty classes with funding assistance from the Oklahoma City Arts Council and the John Rex PTA.


We believe that all children have gifts and talents! John Rex School has developed a Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) that offers periodic shortterm
interest-based sessions focused on students’ specific talents or interests. This offers all children the opportunity to enrich their learning and experiences by applying, deepening, and extending learning while utilizing their interests, talents, and learning or expression styles.


John Rex School complies with all state and federal laws related to the education of children with disabilities. In accordance with IDEA, the student’s IEP team will determine identification, evaluation, placement, and services. JRCS is committed to evaluating, placing, and providing proper services to students in the least restrictive environment so that each student may receive a high-quality, free appropriate public education. Full inclusion in the general curriculum is the goal at JRCS.

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