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John Rex Charter Elementary spans grades PreK through 4th grade. John Rex offers an innovative curriculum that integrates project-based learning.

The focus of our curriculum is two-fold. The first component is the foundational academic knowledge emphasizing authentic, relevant educational experiences. This approach integrates problem-solving opportunities and hands-on experiences. The second component is social-emotional learning. This approach is guided by methodologies integrated from Responsive Classroom and Conscious Discipline. Students are involved in learning activities that integrate Oklahoma Academic Standards and require them to apply skills learned in all subject areas. Students at John Rex are encouraged to explore and enjoy a variety of co-curricular subjects. Students are provided Spanish, music, visual art, physical/health, and STE[+a]M instruction throughout the entire school year.


John Rex Charter Middle spans grades 5th-8th grade. Summit Learning’s platform is utilized to personalize learning and to empower students to harness their inner drive for success. Developed in partnership with nationally-acclaimed learning scientists and researchers, our instructional approach inspires students and prepares them for life after graduation. By concentrating on the personal needs and abilities of individual students, we have been able to create an environment that fosters success.

Students at John Rex start to understand what they are truly capable of, untap their hidden drive for learning, and develop the skills they need to choose their own path in school and in life. Students prepare for life by honing the skills, habits, and knowledge they’ll need in the real world by working at their own pace until they have a deep understanding of skills and subject matter. When it comes to learning and instruction, the Summit Learning approach has three main components. These interconnected components are necessary to ensure that students are ready to live their best life after graduation. Our school builds these components into our weekly schedule.

  • Mentoring: Ensures that each student is known and supported by a caring adult through weekly 1:1 check-ins
  • Projects: Equips students with life skills that they will apply to real-world scenarios in college and career
  • Self-Direction: Helps students develop the ability to set and follow through on short- and long-term goals


The substantial amenities in downtown OKC afford us the ability to create programming that extends learning beyond the walls of school and offers expanded learning opportunities with our downtown partners. We are proud to partner with the Arts Council of Oklahoma City, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Downtown Metropolitan Library, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City Riversport & Boathouse, Oklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma Youth Orchestra, Police Athletic League, Historic Film Row District, Lyric Theatre, and more! These organizations create the context for limitless urban learning opportunities.

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