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John Rex Charter School is a free, public charter school that opened in August 2014. It utilizes the best elements of a public-private educational partnership to provide an exemplary learning environment for students. It offers a one-of-a-kind, quality education to an economically and racially diverse group of students. This unique charter school places students in the heart of the city for daily exposure to the culturally rich amenities that are only available in downtown Oklahoma City.

What is the school’s mission?

Provide a unique educational experience in downtown OKC that prepares all students for success in high school, college, career and life.

What is the school’s vision?

John Rex will be a top choice school known for innovative experiences that produces top-quality students who are equipped to pursue their life’s passions.

John Rex Motto

A Launchpad for Learning and Life!

What makes John Rex Charter School unique?

  • Expanded opportunities abound within walking distance of the school. Downtown neighbors include performing and visual arts organizations, civic and business groups, plus numerous cultural and sports-related resources. Access to these amenities provides a unique, hands-on experience for students.
  • The elementary school was constructed with funds available from the MAPS for Kids program, other TIF funds, and private donations. The new JRECS school cost approximately $12 million.
  • Public funding for the operations and programs of the school is the same as other public charter schools in the district. The school may participate in the district’s bond program for capital improvements as circumstances warrant. Additionally, Oklahoma City Quality Schools will help supplement public funds with private donations of at least $3 million over the first five years of the school’s existence.
  • A $1 million grant from Inasmuch Foundation helped fund the addition of a new middle school, which opened in the summer of 2018 at Myriad Botanical Gardens. Inasmuch Foundation also committed a capital improvement grant up to $700,000 for enhancements to the garden’s educational spaces.
  • As the diverse student body expanded, so did the need for additional classrooms and instructional space. Through a federal grant, continued support from the Inasmuch Foundation, the family of Mr. John Rex and other generous donors the school is currently renovating the McAlpine Center to serve 5th-8th grade students.
  • View financial report here.

Who is John W. Rex?

The downtown charter school is named in honor of John W. Rex, a longtime civic leader known for his advocacy for children. Rex was president of American Fidelity Assurance Co. He was a key player in such initiatives as Success by Six and Smart Start of Central Oklahoma. He was involved with the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools and the Governor’s Task Force for Child Development, among many others. Rex died in 2006 at the age of 72.


What is the school’s educational philosophy?


John Rex Charter School will build positive relationships by…

  • Bringing the City of Oklahoma City into the school and catalyze the downtown community
  • Guiding positive and nurturing learning relationships between students, teachers, city leaders, and parents to unite the diversity among the stakeholders
  • Creating ‘learning launcher’ spaces that accommodate all students in a grade level or team, children and staff will foster positive caring relationships with each other.

Students must be able to address authentic learning situations using problem-solving and critical thinking skills in unpredictable real-world situations. JRCS will create relevant learning experiences by…

  • Utilizing the entire downtown landscape as the learning environment
  • Capturing the city’s downtown art, cultural, civic, governmental, medical, and business resources
  • Creating project-based units of inquiry that will engage the community as “adjunct faculty,” mentors and audiences for exhibitions
  • Incorporating 21st century technology skills and 1-to-1 devices
  • Scheduling weekly job-embedded time for teachers to work collaboratively
  • Offering a safe haven that will support metacognition, processing and reflection of new learning
  • Connecting students by encouraging them to share their learning stories with others

JRCS will engage all learners in the Oklahoma Academic Standards to prepare them to be college and/or career ready by…

  • Understanding that learning is non-linear and must allow for flex and flow between different learning modes, developmental milestones and time/support to develop mastery of learning
  • Personalizing learning and believing that schooling is not a “widget factory” in which one size fits all
  • Building a solid foundation in enduring learning concepts so that all students will be grounded in the basic foundational skills necessary to compete successfully in a global economy

What does ROCKETS represent?


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