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Board Amends Enrollment Policy Beginning in 2019-20

Dear John Rex Families:

Since the school opened in 2014, the population of downtown Oklahoma City has expanded and interest in our school has grown significantly. However, we have limited classroom space. The Board voted yesterday in a special meeting to amend our enrollment criteria to better plan for the future and this heightened demand.

Please note many of these policy tweaks only apply to new Rex Rockets who enroll for the first time in school year 2019-20.

The two biggest revisions moving forward impact enrollment of siblings and applications from Tier 4.

  1. Under our new criteria, legal siblings will only be guaranteed enrollment when they enter JRCS as pre-K students. All other siblings will follow the regular enrollment protocol.
  2. Additionally, we will no longer accept applications from Tier 4. All new students must reside in the Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) district boundaries or have a parent or guardian who is employed within the JRCS attendance boundaries.

One thing that will not change is our charter. We will continue to welcome any student residing within the Tier 1 attendance zone.

Additionally, all families will be asked to document residency or employment semi-annually. In the past, the school asked for enrollment criteria on a sporadic basis. However, the growth of our program demands we become more diligent in verifying records each semester to ensure equity and transparency for all.

We anticipate few current students will be affected by the new policies. All students who enrolled in JRCS during Missions 1-2 are guaranteed a seat. Students who enrolled during Missions 3-5 who have a change in residency or employment that places them in Tier 4 will have to reapply and go through the next lottery.

To answer your questions and clarify the changes, we’ve prepared the following resources for you:

  1. Amendments Approved by the Board of Directors
  2. 2019 Enrollment Criteria (Existing Students vs. Future Students)
  3. Answers to FAQs
  4. Map of JRCS Attendance Zone

If you have other specific questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Dr. Joe Pierce
Head of School & Superintendent

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