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The Book Fair is Coming!

THE BOOK FAIR COMING! The John Rex online Book Fair opened for shopping on March 27th. You are now able to purchase books for your kiddos online. All proceeds from the book fair will go directly to JRCES. Shop Online at: And remember, the live Scholastic Book Fair will be set up here at school from April 2nd to April 10th for students to personally shop and purchase books. Reminder: We STRONGLY encourage you to sit down with your child, look through the Book Fair flyer that was sent home. PLEASE help them decide beforehand what you would like your student to purchase when they come shop the school Book Fair. This will be valuable time spent with your student discussing what they love to read and will allow you to send a CHECK (instead of cash) for the exact amount of purchase. You do not need to figure in tax. If you have any specific questions or wish to volunteer in our book fair "store," please contact Mr. Adam Zodrow at PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS OUT TO: JOHN REX CHARTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

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