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Return to Learn – Update

Dear JRCS Parents, Staff, and Community,

The JRCS Board approved our initial “Return to Learn” plan (view here) in a special meeting on Thursday. The plan allows parents to choose from two options. The options are to attend school in person or to attend school online. The online option is a semester long commitment for your child. If you choose to return to school in person and for any reason feel uneasy about your decision you may choose online learning. Once you choose online learning you will not have the option to return to the building for instruction until the end of the semester. We will allow every family to choose again in December for the second semester. Everyone will stay enrolled and keep their seat at JRCS.

School has also been delayed to start on Monday, August 31. All students will be enrolled at JRCS in person beginning this date. If you make the choice for attending school online for the semester, please use the following link. All students are enrolled at JRCS and NO students will lose their seat at the school. The option to choose online closes midnight on August 10. This gives us time to adequately plan for our students, both at school and online.

All families must complete Pre-Boarding paperwork by August 10. All forms can be found at our website here. Forms & required documents can be emailed to or brought in person on Friday, August 7, from 9am-3pm.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. We will continue to update and revise our plan as needed throughout the year. Staff and teachers will begin reaching out to families by August 14 to set up a meet and greet time to meet with families individually to go over online instruction as well as in person instruction between August 17-28.

If you are attending school in person, you understand that health screenings, temperature checks and mandatory masks are required. If for any reason your child, class, grade level, or the school needs to quarantine, you will be contacted. If at any point we need to transition to an A/B schedule, you will be contacted. If at any point we move to an all online format, you will be contacted. We would love to cause as little disruption in your life as possible, but realize that we will have to be flexible and adaptable moving forward. We will review guidelines and information daily and make informed decisions about quarantines and school closure.

I encourage all of our families to be kind to one another during this time. Everyone is doing their best during a difficult situation. Remember there are no perfect plans during a pandemic. Empathy and assistance to support our students, staff, and families is essential. Kindness may indeed be a critical quality as we move through this school year.

Our goal is to provide every family a choice for the beginning of the school year. Your child’s social, emotional and academic well being is paramount to our work.

Please reach out if we can help you make this difficult decision or assist your family in any way. We are wishing all of our families a safe and thoughtful school year.


Dean Ketchum, Head of School
John Rex Charter School

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